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Essential Travel is one of the UK's leading online holiday add-on providers. At Essential Travel I've been involved in many different projects like the Magazine, Blog, Homepage, Travel Insurance and various marketing campaigns such as Use Your Head & Career Gap. These projects all have something in common; responsive design.

I also worked on SEO projects, email campaigns and company business cards.


Working closely with the marketing team and off the back of Analytics findings, the Magazine had to be responsive. The Magazine has six different sections: the Feature, 24 Hour Guides, How To, Q&As, Top 10s and Reviews. As the Magazine has hundreds of articles, I initially created a responsive HTML5 template that could be used for the home page and then moved onto creating all the other templates for the remaining sections. During this project I provided the marketing and content teams usefull guidelines on how to edit the responsive pages in the CMS.

Thanks to the new responsive design and the marketing email campaigns, the Magazine has increased internal navigation and time on page on the site while reducing the bounce rate.

Tools & Technologies

HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript - jQuery - Photoshop - CMS - Google Analytics

Marketing Campaigns

In line with the new design used for the Magazine & Blog, I was asked to create a responsive template that could be re-used for different marketing campaigns such as: Use Your Head & Career Gap. My task was to provide the marketing team a front-end template that could be easily edited through the CMS. The new marketing campaigns focused on promoting specific products like Travel Insurance, providing tailored information to the user, increasing their interest and attracting more visits to the website.

Tools & Technologies

HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript - jQuery - Photoshop - CMS - Google Analytics

Rich Snippets

While working for Essential Travel I was involved in SEO projects such as structured data mark-up. My task was to implement rich snippets on different sections of the site like Travel Insurance, Airport Parking and Backpacker Insurance pages. This was done in order to increase click-through rate in Google SERPs. Thanks to this project I learned how to code two (Microdata, Microformats) of three formats recommended by Google.

Tools & Technologies

HTML - Structured data mark-up - Webmaster tool - Rich snippets testing tool

Essential Travel Airport Parking reviews example Essential Travel rich snippets code

Email newsletter

This was one of my first projects accomplished when I joined Essential Travel. Following the marketing brief I updated the monthly newsletter design so that it was in tune with the new look and feel of the Essential Travel Magazine & Blog.

Tools & Technologies

XHTML - CSS - Photoshop


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